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I had been looking for a smaller Vintage Airstream for almost a year when I first saw the ad for a 63 Globetrotter in St Augustine. I emailed for pictures and received this set of photos. I was sold on the spot. We drove down later to look at it and these pictures were very representative of the Globetrotter. Needless to say we decided to buy it and went back the next week and picked it up.
We purchased the Globetrotter from Patty Wagstaff ( in Feb 2001. Patty is world renown for her aerobatic air shows. She had begun the restoration of the airstream so it was in excellent shape for an old trailer when we bought it. Patty sent us the picture on the left of her relaxing at an Airshow in the 90's. Note the flamingos and armadillo.

The Airstream came fully equipped. Dishes, silverware from France, chopsticks, a tiny microwave, a 5" Sony TV with VCR, a cell phone setup with external antenna, 2 flamingos and a stuffed armadillo. The Airstream had been decorated with Route 66 stuff, including recovering the sofas with the Route 66 tapestry. Included was drawer full of Route 66 books. We also got a copy of Patty's book.
A repro owner's manual and a maintenance history was also included. The Globetrotter had just been serviced with a new battery and all the plumbing had been redone. The only flaws we saw were rusty A-frame and rear bumper, a loose door, several external dents, cracked window retainers, damaged banana skins behind the tires and loose underbelly. All flaws seemed to be correctable. We were especially proud to get the armadillo and flamingos and they still travel in the trailer.

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