This page tours you through some of the features of this Globetrotter that was made at the California plant. First note the original lifetime warranty still on the inside of the closet door. The stove is a Tappan 4 burner with oven appliance with a model number ot T65 and serial # 094844. The refrigerator is a Norcold. Note there is no drawer above the refigerator. Doesn't appear to have ever been a drawer there, though I've seen pictures of other 63 GTs with a drawer above the refrigerator. The Model number is 624 and serial# is 624E612725. Its was made in LA, CA too. Next is the heater and the folding table in its stored position. The heater is a Carlson Camper Furnace model 12M. It doesn't have a fan or a heat control. Its either on or off. The heat setting will heat the cabin quickly and must be manually turned back to pilot. Next note the table unfolded to the use position. The brass water fill pipe and cap is shown. Note what looks like a air or tire stem on the side. Originally the 63 Airstreams used air pressure rather than a water pump for the fresh water system. There was a small compressor that ran off the battery inside the coach and if one didn't want to consume the battery you could use a tire pump to pressurize the round water tank. The gas water heater is a Bowen with the fancy external aluminum chimney. The trailer also has a spare tire with aluminum cover welded to the rear bumper. The license plate and light was relocated from the middle of the coach to the side so it wasn't hidden by the spare tire. Also note on this picture that the taillights are mounted on the curved panels rather than the flat rear panel in the rear. This presumably is a CA feature? The Globetrotter has one small external storage compartment that I pack all the way to the top with blocks of wood, water hose, power lines and such. And to complete this chapter I leave the reader with a mystery. There is a small (4") aluminum plate with 4 pegs mounted on the interior wall near the toilet. I have no idea what it is used for. Let me know if you know what it is.

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