Feb - Mar 01

F eb- Mar 2001 - We picked it up in February and pulled it home without any problems. It only needed a little cleaning up or so we thought and we immediately started repairing some cosmetic items. The front tongue and the rear bumper were sandblasted and painted with an undercoat of POR-15 rust preventive paint. POR-15 (POR15.com) dries to a very hard also indestructible coating and seals out the air thus preventing future rust. The window retainer strips on every window were replaced. Had to fabricate the retaining strip from a close but not exact match by trimming a sliver off the back of each strip. I bought the retaining strips at a local glass company. I also checked the brakes and replaced the old shocks. The two lamp shades on the front walls were rusty and the fiberglass backing had absorbed the rust. Nothing would take the rust spots off. We bead blasted the metal and repainted the shades. To replace the backing we bought a lampshade at Walmart and cut new diffusing panels to match the old panels. They were riveted in with copper rivets. This greatly improved the interior looks. We finished up just in time to attend a rally at our local unit's campground at Mystic Springs. (www.geocities.com/park.htm). One other minor enhancement is visible in the two views of the rear of the GT. In the top view (checkout ....) note the dent in the top left rear panel. We were able to use a suction cup and small hammer to totally remove this large dent. Whilst I pulled the suction cup over the dent, a friend tapped the crease around the dent. After going around the dent a couple of times, it popped out and all the dent disappeared except for a trace where the two panels overlap.

Click on any picture to see a larger view.

Tongue after sandblasting

Checkout underneath before towing it home
POR15 on the tongue  Tongue is finished with aluminum paint
Rear bumper was refinished also Cracked window retaining strip
Brakes exposed and show  a Dexter backing plate Old wall lamp shade
Refinished lamp shade Camping at Mystic Springs

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