Apr 01

APR 2001 was consumed reparing the bathroom. Didn't plan on doing this but the dump valve was very hard and was leaking. So I undid the patched skin around the opening where the sewer hose connects. On close inspection, the dreaded soft wood was discovered. So one thing lead to another and soon the back 2 feet (minus the tub) was stripped to the bare frame. The frame was painted with POR-15 as well as the flange on the black water tank. New flooring painted with the Rot Doctor's Clear penetrating Epoxy Sealer (rotdoctor.com) to prevent future soft wood. The original black tank was made of fiberglass and was in excellent shape. The Airstream markings were still on the tank. A new dump valve was installed and the tank was put back in. Vinyl floor coating was then put over the new flooring. This took most of the month to complete. But we made it back to Mystic Springs for the local rally. Note we have the awning and airstream lights installed.

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Before this work

Soft,delaminated wood and loose tiles everywhere under the black tank
 UGH!  Yeah! the tank is good
POR15 on the frame Look for the Aistream label at the top of the tank
More POR15 on the flange Almost finished
Finished Camping again at Mystic SPrings

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