Jul - Sep 01

Jul-Aug 2001 - We took off in late June for a 2 week vacation in the new trailer. We planned the trip to Colorado to coincide with the WBCCI International Convention in Sioux Falls, SD. We didn't have enough time to stay for the whole convention so we planned on being there when the VAC Open House took place. This was the first VAC event we had ever attended and it was great. Shiny aluminum bullets were everywhere. We spent two afternoons drooling over the restored Airstreams. Took notes and ideas for our restoration of the GT.

After the open house we left for Colorado and our favorite campground in the San Juans in southern Colorado. South Mineral Creek Campground is about 10 miles from Silverton CO. It is about 10000 feet in elevation and is at the head end of a valley. It has towering mountains surrounding 3 sides of the CG. We have been going there for 40 years or so. Four waterfalls are near the CG. You have to camp without the benefit of any utilities except for water from a faucet located centrally within the CG, IE you have to tote your water to fill the fresh water tank. We boondocked at South Mineral Creek a little over a week. Silverton is a delightful little town time situated at about 9000 feet and appears as if time has passed it by. The GT towed great through the high mountain passes and worked flawlessly as our home during the trip.

Later in August we attended the Classic Chevy International Convention in Columbus OH. Our other hobby is restoring classic Chevys. While at the convention we saw and bought our classic tow vehicle. It is a 57 Chevy 210 four door station wagon. It has the power pack 283 CI engine with automatic transmission and factory air.

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