Oct-Dec 2001 - During this period I continued to improve the GT. I started re-polishing to remove a year's worth of tarnish that looks like a milky haze. It had been polished before so this polishing isn't too hard. I installed new Airstream nameplates and installed my WBCCI numbers. Those two items made the trailer look better than anything else I have done. This was completed in time to attend our first VAC event at Top of Georgia Airstram Park in early November with the Globetrotter. There were about 35 trailers in attendance. We really enjoyed the open house. And to top off the trip we won second runner up in the judging so our Globetrotter of the three chosen trailers. We were quite astounded with this.
When we got back I had to fix a leak in the shower/tub drain. The old p trap was disintergrating so I had to install a new one. It was impossible to find a modern replacement for the old Airstream bronze part so I had to cobble a P trap together to fit the restricted space available. Note the patch in the bottom skin.
I also had a hitch installed on the 57 Chevy and we were able to tow the GT with the classic wagon to our Dec WBCCI club outing at Mystic Springs Airstream Park. It all worked and we had no problems other that everyone ooh and ahhing over the classic pair.

I finally examined the axle and decided the durtorque was history. It was "pointing up" about 20 degrees. I ordered a new axle from QDS - Henschen and it arrived in about 2 weeks. Delivered cost was $567 with new Dexter backing plates and drums. It was heavy to move around but a friend and I were able to install it one Saturday morning. Had to drill 2 new holes in the frame and weld the old shock brackets to the new axle. So it wasn't exactly a "bolt-in" job but it wasn't that difficult. After completion the level height of the hitch ball up by 2 inches.

The winter camping consumed most of the original gas so rather than filling the old non-OPD tanks I bought new aluminum Worthington gas tanks from Airstram Dreams. They arrived very quickly. They aren't polished so I polished them to match the trailer.

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