JANUARY 97 - Disassembly of the Handyman is complete and restoration has started. The body has been moved to a spare frame so that the wagon frame can be restored. Sandblasting of the frame is underway now. The frame is in excellent shape. There is no rust or pitting so little more than cleaning and painting will be required.

Also the floorpans are being blasted in preparation of sealing with POR-15. Many of the new parts have been bought, though many still remain to be found and purchased. I'm still looking for rubber floor mats like the original floor covering. I found that Ciadella in Arizona has a reproduction of the original interior which I plan to purchase soon.

We are having a typical north Florida or LA ( Lower Alabama) winter. Freezing one week followed by warm ( and usually wet) periods. On the days I can't work outside I have been restoring some of the smaller parts. The Instrument cluster has been disassembled and restored and all the cracks in the steering wheel have been filled and smoothed. Many parts have been bead blasted and some have been painted already.

Note that the biggest problem so far is SPACE. I have run out of storage space. I think the disassembled wagon is taking 3 to 4 time the space of the assembled vehicle. I have even taken over a bedroom to store the smaller parts. More soon.

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Last Update: 01/23/97
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