Handyman Restoration - March 97

MARCH 97 - Well it's now March and some progress has been made. The frame has been sandblasted, both top and bottom. Getting a lot of "help" from the neighbors as they take their walks. One guy even went and got his mini truck to see if I could blast some rust in the bed. The next project for the frame is to completely disassemble it, paint it and restore the suspension. A friend built a rotisissery and let me use it for a month. We put the body on it and started blasting the bottom side. The car cleaned up and had beautiful metal. The only bad spot needing attention was a crack in the floorpan near the rear wheelwell which was welded. The clean bottom was then primed with self etching Variprime and then coated with Corlar red oxide to return the underneath to factory fresh appearance. Also the dash, firewall and floors were cleaned and primed. I used POR-15, a tough black waterproof paint for the floor boards. The first weekend of March I took the body off the rotissery and put it back on the spare frame so I could return the rotissery to my friend. It is surprisingly easy to jack the body up 4 feet, support it on saw horses, roll the frame underneath and lower the body so as to drop the body to frame bolts into the holes.

More in a month or so.

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