Handyman Restoration - May 97

MAY 97 - The Handyman frame is 99% finished now and I have been working on the engine and smaller engine parts lately. The rear end and the brakes have been rebuilt. I also sent the original radio off for restoration and got it back in less than 2 weeks working perfectly. I can recommend Norman's Classic Auto Radio of Pinellas Park FL for classic radio service. They did a super job for me. Also I can recommend White Post Restorations in VA for master cylinder resleeving. I got quick turnaround and a good job from them. If you know of a good chrome replating service please ley me know. Bumpers and a few other small pieces that need rechroming are one of the next projects. I am using Eastwoods Cad replating system for refinishing many of the small silver cad parts. I bead blast the part and then electroplate the part. It only takes a minute or so to do a small part.

More in a month or so.

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Last Update: 10/03/97
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