Handyman Restoration - Oct 97

OCTOBER 97 - The summer is over and I haven't updated the page since last Spring. We were busy in the Summer with vacation and then most of August was devoted to getting ready for the Pensacola Chevy show in September. Anyway I'm back working on the Handyman now. I never thought it would take this long and still can't see an end in sight.
The frame and running gear is painted and finished. It is rolling and has the engine installed in it. I rebuilt and painted the engine. All the suspension is new and new brakes are installed. All the parts like the starter, generator carburetor, air cleaner, manifolds have been restored and installed.
All this was finished just before the Pensacola Chevy show so I loaded it up on the trailer and took it to the show and entered it into the "Under restoration" class.
I am starting on the body now. It's in excellent shape. No rust to fix, just a few dings to straighten. The body is being stripped as I write at a plastic media blasting shop. They use plastic beads and walnut shells to gently strip the paint. The process does not eat into or heat the metal. I can't find anyone to paint the wagon so I am going to try it myself

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