Handyman Restoration - More Oct 97

OCTOBER 97 - This is the second progress report in one month so you can see I'm working again. Got the body back from the stripper and it was in excellent shape with clean new looking metal. Only one little pinhole in a fender that can easily be fixed. No rust anywhere else. It did take a couple of days to clean all the walnut and plastic media from all the cavities within the body. The stripper was like a room sized bead blaster. The person doing the blasting suited up in protective gear and went into the room to do the blasting. Really an amazing process.

It's still hot and muggy in Florida so I had to quickly prime the bare metal to prevent surface rust. Took most of the weekend to spray Variprime over all the bare metal surfaces.

The other project shown here is the rebuilding of the steering box. It was disassembled, cleaned and then bead blasted. Then I installed new bearings and gaskets and reassembled it. The I clear coated it with Nylic to prevent the metal from rusting.

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