Handyman - April 1998New!

APRIL 98 - Its been a while since I updated this saga but things are moving now. Got the wagon back from the paint shop today. I found a good painter and he completed the painting in less than 3 weeks. I had been afraid it would sit for months at the paint shop. It's all still in pieces so it took 7 trips to move the doors, fenders etc and the body back home. Once home the problem became where to put it all so as to keep it safe. Thanks to an understanding wife we found room. Now have the doors in the family room, fenders and hood in the living room and two bedrooms holding the rest of the parts.
The next job will be to move the body off the rusty frame and onto the restored frame. Then I still have to paint all the interior trim like the steering column and steering wheel, etc.
After I get it back together, it will have to go back to the shop for touch up and buffing. It looks pretty good now.

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