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May 98 - Its now the end of May and I have finished painting all the little pieces. Wound up restoring about 75 pieces ranging from a door hinge, or the ash tray on up to pieces as big as the inner fenders and the underside of the fenders. Most pieces were bead blasted, primed with Variprime, basecoated and the clearcoated. On this last Saturday of May, I lifted the body off the working frame and remated it to the restored frame that had the rebuilt engine already installed. Last week, just to be sure, I jury rigged gas and a battery to the the engine and tried starting it. It fired up on the first crank which was REALLY nice. It took about two hours swap frames. First I used the engine hoist to raise the front of the body high enough for the wheels amd high part of the frame to roll out from under the body. Then I used an old well pipe , cushioned with carpet and supported by saw horses to hold the front up. Then I moved the hoist to the rear and lifted the rear of the body just high enough for the frame to clear the spare tire well. Then we rolled the new frame underneath being sure to line up under the body mount holes. The body was then lowered slowly so that a helper could guide the body bolts perfectly into the center of the frame holes. Then to finish off the day we installed the doors back onto the body. SOOO this means I have now achieved a major milestone in that I'm starting to put it back together. Still no idea when I'll get through. More later ....

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