Handyman Oct 1998New!

Oct 98 - Time flies when you are having fun. The summer is over and it is beginning to cool off. Since May I have wet sanded and polished the body, repaired a few spots that had flaws in the new paint and added a few more dents. So I have at least one more trip back to the paint shop. I'm learning as I go... The dash and the engine compartment have been wired and tested. I can now start the engine with the key and it starts on the first turn and then runs almost silently. No leaks in the engine. Can't wait to take it for a ride around the block. Still need to do the brakes, steering column and put a seat in before I can do that though. I ordered the interior last week so it should arrive before Xmas. Next big job is to install all the glass which I have now.

On Oct 24 I finished the brakes and took a drive around the neighborhood. A major milestone ! More later ....

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