Handyman Feb 99

Feb 99 - Well, I wasn't sure I would ever finish. But now I can report I think I'll make it. The pictures on this page show I am really close. The interior is finished. The exterior needs a little polishing and it too will be finished. The last big job is to clean up a set of original wheels, paint them and install a set of radial wide whites. Last weekend I started the breakin/shakedown phase for the mechanical parts. I drove it 55 miles and then went over and under the car looking for loose nuts, leaks, or missing parts. Only found one or two leaks and have already fixed one. Also two week ends ago I took it to the CCI Winter Nationals in Orlando. It wasn't finished so I just put it in the cruiser class. It was good to have it there next to all those 900 point show cars. I could compare to see if I had restored it right. We are planning on taking the Handyman on parts of CCIs Anniversary cross country tour this summer. We hope to go to the Lone Star Chevy show in Houston, the Western Nationals in Arizona and take the wagon back to its original home. Also plan on attending the International Convention in Orlando in July. See ya there or on the road!

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