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Dec 99 - This is the final chapter of the Handyman restoration. It is complete and has gone through a season of shows. We took it to 5 local shows, Classic Chevy shows in Monroe LA, Baton Rouge LA, Jackson MS, the Lone Star Classic in Houston, the Western CCI National in Flagstaff AZ and the International CCI Convention in Orlando. The Handyman scored from a high of 991 in Flagstaff to 985 in Orlando.

In June we put the Handyman on our trailer and joined the Classic Chevy Anniversary Tour in Houston at the Lone Star Classic Chevy Show. Afterwards we drove with the tour to San Angeleo TX, El Paso, Tucson, Phoenix and on to Flagstaff. Had a great time doing the Chevy tour stops in the evenings and seeing the tourist attractions during the day. In Tucson we stopped and took the wagon back to the original owners house to show it to him. We also drove it back around through the desert area where it spent most of its life.

Al in all we drove 4500 miles on this western tour. Right afterwards we hurried home, cleaned up and rejoined the tour when it came through Pensacola on the way to the International Convention in Orlando.

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