Monday - July 3 - Setting up Camp

Up early and broke camp at Lightner Creek. Stopped for supplies at Durango hardware store and then on up the hard pull over the pass to Silverton. Saw the train leaving Durango. New car pulled much better. V8 is great. Lots of snow on side of road at Coal Bank Hill. Cold. Brrr. Looks like winter. Got to South Mineral Creek Campground at noon. South Mineral is a Forest Service CG. No electricity, no phones, no TV, just water and mountains all around. It's high , about 10,000 feet so it's cold at night. Three spaces left. Got site # 17 near creek and water supply. Snow pellets falling as we drove in. Set up the trailer fast. Rain coming. Made it. Ate lunch. Began to snow, real fluffy now. Kept snowing for a couple of hours. Covered leaves, grass etc. Temperature down to 35 degrees. Headed to Silverton to see what's happening on the 4th of July. Wow, the mountains are now covered with snow. Bought heater in town to warm up Apache camper. Town still hasn't changed since we first visited in 1964. Neat. Back to campground for dinner. Snow from avalange still on road. Raining now. Fixed trailer leak. Visited neighbors in CG. Small world in that one of the 19 sites has someone from Pensacola. To bed when the sun went down at 9PM. Cold night.

Last Update: 04/21/96
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