Tuesday - July 4 - The 4th in Silverton

Up as soon as the sun came out. Going to town for the 4th parade. Starts at 10:30. Got there early and walked around to see what changed. Old Laundromat is gone but there's a new one. Parade was very Silverton. No Kazoo band this year. Blair Street Shady Ladies had a float. Did get to shake hands with the Mayor. The big water fight between the fire departments was great. Didn't get sprayed this year. Too cold, still in the 40's though its sunny and beautiful blue sky. Back tocamp after lunch. Spent afternoon checking out the sites around the CG and reading. Steaks for supper. Read newspaper. "Spit bath" and to bed. Cold again but heater helps.

Last Update: 04/21/96
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