Wednesday, July 5 - Mine Tour

Wednesday, July 5 - Around 20 degrees this morning. Sun is out though and forecast is warmer. To town to rent jeep. Reserved red Jeep with sides and doors. Lost watch and had to backtrack steps through town. Found watch at Silverton Lakes. Only in Silverton. Ate lunch in Town then to the Old Hundred Mill and Mine for a guided tour into the mine. Went deep into the mountain to see how gold was mined. All mining has stopped in Silverton now. Sad. Tried to drive up to Highland Mary Mill site. Road blocked with snow. Back to town for Ice cream at Smedley's. Picked up jeep. Back to CG. Dropped off car and proceeded past CG on jeep road to Bandora. Blocked with snow. Hamburgers for supper. Listened to Mike Reagan on the radio. Then to bed. Warmer.

Last Update: 04/21/96
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