Saturday/Sunday, July 8/9 - Silverton & Ouray

Up when the sun came over the mountain. Still only 42 degrees. A man from the next site came over to talk jeeps . He's renting one today. Swapped stories and what roads are open. Today we are going to Ouray and have a motel reserved. Yea! a real bath, first since last Sunday. Left CG after noon. Ouray is hot ( 83 degrees) Jackets came off and shorts went on. Checked into motel soon after. Headed for the Hot Spring hot tubs. Water is too hot . Can only stay in for 5 minutes or so. Spent 2 hours hopping in , then out. Then we dressed and went to see the town. All 3 blocks. Dinner at 7pm ( had to get reservations) at Outlaws. Food was good - I was starving. Had prime ribs and baked potato. Watched TV for the first time in a week.

Sunday, July 9 - Up at 8:00. Walked to town for breakfast. The bakery is closed though. Also the grocery store is closed on Sunday. Checked out and headed back to camp. Beautiful day. Cooked soup and grilled cheese for lunch. Then hiked up to the waterfalls near the camp. Really full of water this year from the melting snow. Now 3:30 and we're going to Silverton to wash and stock up. New washateria this year. Nicer than the old one by the old post office. Supper at Romero's. Has Enchillada plate. Good and hot. Found out that the owner Old George had died over the winter. Stopped by the gunfight again. Was the same show. Talked to one of the gunfighters. He said its hard to get anyone to do it. Offered us a job. Well someday maybe. Back to camp. The river has risen so much it's flooding one camp site. Water's running under his trailer. Helped dig trenches and make stone walls to divert the river. Worked! The couple whose trailer was flooded is from Winter Park FL. Read paper, books till dark. Clean up and then to bed.

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