Tuesday, July 11 - The Ice Lake Trail

Up with the Sun ( for warmth). Prepare the packs and lunch. The Ice Lake trail starts at the CG. Lordy did I dread the climb. But since we've been here a week or so I am better off than I thought. Stopped a lot for breath. Trail wet and muddy in places. Got to the point where the road crosses the waterfall. Still not fixed. Made in on to the old mine where Scott worked on his Eagle project. Some of it still there. Finally caught my breathe and then we're off again. Steeper here, on an on we go up the side of the mountain. Stopped for lunch at a lookout point. Hard to eat when you are gasping for air. On and On. Then we cross over the edge into bowl where the lake is. Lake isn't that big. In fact there are several lakes. Rested and walked around. Went wading in stream. Cold. Enjoyed the Rocky Mountain High experience. Took 3 hours to climb up. We're around 13,000 feet now. About 3PM we start down. Only took a hour to get down. Wiped out. Tired. Rested up . Then supper of Dinty Moore stew. Um Good. Washed hair . Walked around and visited neighbors. Watched sun set on the mountain for the last time this year. Heading home tomorrow.

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